A WNBA sister, the Packers' experience and fried alligator: Take a Lap with Reggie Gilbert

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Reggie Gilbert knew Mike Vrabel and the Texans liked him when he was coming out of Arizona, but he landed in Green Bay.

With a trade just before the season started Vrabel finally has had his chance to work with Gilbert. Once the ankle injury he brought with him cleared up, Gilbert has played a good deal with the Titans through their first seven games.

We recorded this shortly after his first start, Week 4 in Atlanta when he was still getting settled in Nashville.TakeALap 2GilbertLap

His sister played for two teams in the WNBA, so we discussed which he preferred and how she once scammed him on a basketball court. We also covered which of four bowl-game gift bags was the best, his taste for fried alligator, Packers throwback uniforms, picking a small bicycle from a kid for the famed ride to the locker room during Green Bay training camp, his best game and more.

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