Amy Adams Strunk hints 100th anniversary of the NFL could bring additional Hall of Famers

NASHVILLE Tenn. -- At the recent NFL owner's meetings we saw the NFL 100 logo rolled out for the first time, and it's going to be a huge feature all season.

Rather than the defending Super Bowl champions playing in the season opener, we're going to see a classic matchup for the start of the 2019 season: The Bears hosting the Packers.NFL100

Amy Adams Strunk, a member of the NFL's Hall of Fame Committee, hinted recently that one element of the 100-year celebration could be an expanded Hall of Fame class.

That could create room for her father as a candidate. The case for K.S. Bud Adams, co-founder of the AFL and founder of the Houston Oilers who became the Tennessee Titans, is strong.

Strunk and I spoke about the potential for her father's candidacy in any sort of expanded field of candidates.

Bud Adams has an excellent resume. I've touched on the one thing in the past that, to me, hurts his case.

In exchange for the league's approval for his franchise's relocation, he basically handed over his vote. So from 1997 on, for the final 16 years of his ownership, he was pretty uninfluential in the NFL.

I thought it was unfortunate that in his time as owner of Tennessee's franchise his impact with the league was largely over. But that doesn't diminish how big it was when he was making it.

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