Amy Adams Strunk on Midday 180: 'I don't want a new stadium'

CANTON, Ohio – All those cranes that are such a part of the Nashville skyline are not going to be part of building the Titans a football palace like the ones in Dallas and Atlanta or the ones going up in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk has said in the past she was not yet thinking about a new stadium even with Nissan Stadium’s lease set to expire following the 2029 season.NashvilleStadiumSkyline

In an interview with The Midday 180 on Friday during a pause in her day during meetings of the NFL’s Hall of Fame committee, she made her biggest pronouncement yet about Nashville’s stadium future, saying she wanted to put to rest any idea that she will be approaching the city seeking a new one.

“…I don’t want a new stadium,” she said. “But I do like The Hard Rock Stadium. That’s a very interesting model and one that we need to keep looking further at to make improvements. I’m all about making it the best stadium for our fans that I can without being ridiculous. Because at the end of the day the stadium doesn’t win football games.

"That’s important to me. Fan experience -- we have a lot of areas we get better at every year. We’ve got to just keep looking down the road for what would be the best thing for our stadium to become."HardRock

Could the Titans ultimately play at Nissan Stadium while it undergoes a major renovation as the Dolphins did in 2015 and 2016. 

“I definitely think so. I think we can retrofit it. Whenever this transpires. Whenever we get to that point that we feel it needs to be done I think that stadium can be retrofitted in a Hard Rock way.”

Miami’s makeover reportedly cost $425 million, a far better price than the estimated $3 billion being spent on the Los Angeles stadium and the $1.9 billion for Las Vegas’s palace.

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