As Titans Ready For Colts, A Look At Derrick Henry's Divisional Dominance

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Since 2020 the Titans have been dominant in the AFC South with a 72.2 winning percentage.

Only Kansas City (82.3 percent) and Buffalo (80 percent) are better in their divisions in that span.

Derrick Henry
  Derrick Henry/ Angie Flatt

The Titans have done a lot right to sustain that dominance against the Colts (5-1), Texans (4-2) and Jaguars (4-2) over that time. But nothing has been more consistent than Derrick Henry's performance. [Unlocked]

As I researched for this week's Paul Kuharsky Podcast, I added up what Henry did in his 15 games against those three teams. He missed one against the Jaguars and two against the Texans. In 13 of the 15 he topped 100 yards, and in four he topped 200 yards.

In those three seasons, while 37.5 percent of his games came against AFC South teams, 48.2 percent of his rushing yards did.

I asked Henry if, heading into the Titans' first divisional game of the season, he considers anything about his previous successes against the Colts.

"I approach it like any other game," he said. "Every game is different, every game is not going to be the same. Every year is not going to be the same when you play an opponent. You just treat it as another game and prepare and get ready for it."

Said Tim Kelly: "When you look at Derrick, he's had a lot of success against a lot of teams. Each year is a different year, Each team is a different team. So we're going to make sure our game plan is sound and that's take advantage of what our guys do well and try to put them in the best position to be successful."

Henry is coming off his best game of the young season, a 122-yard rushing effort.

He's been a monstrous factor in the Titans' divisional dominance and we can be sure Tennessee will give him a solid chance to continue the trend.

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