Compensatory pick deadline doesn't mean Jadeveon Clowney imminent for Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Signing a free agent after 3 p.m. CT Monday means he has no bearing on the NFL’s compensatory draft formula.

So Jadeveon Clowney's ability to negatively influence a pick the Titans will get in 2021 as a result of losing Jack Conklin in free agency.clowney

(Photo courtesy of Seattle Seahawks.)

But Jon Robinson said on The Midday 180 that won't be the thing that triggers a deal with Clowney. [Unlocked.]

“Like I’ve said numerous times now there are several guys who are still free agents who are out there, that we’ve had discussions with,” he said. “I would again echo what I’ve said: There is nothing imminent. We’ve had those talks. I don’t think -- that’s not coming in at any point this afternoon.

"But we’ll continue to take stock of where the roster is at and work through things and if something manifests itself and we can figure it out with somebody that is a free agent now and we think it helps our football team then we’ll certainly entertain it.”

From before our Robinson conversation:

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