Corey Davis on Day 1: Three duds and a brilliant catch

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A solid day top-to-bottom would have been nice for Corey Davis, one of the Titans facing the most pressure to blossom this season.

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He didn’t produce that, but his grand finale was the play of practice.

The second-year receiver let Malcolm Butler rip away an interception on a Marcus Mariota throw during seven-on-seven drills. The setting is advantage-offense, making Butler’s play even more impressive.

Jim Wyatt has a closer angle on it than I did.

The two drops came later.

But then, late in practice, came the sort of moment the Titans believe can show Davis was worth the fifth pick in last year’s draft.

From about 12 yards out, Mariota threw a fade to the back right corner of the end zone. With Adoree’ Jackson absolutely blanketing Davis, he went up for a ball that was just over his outside shoulder, collected it with his right hand and his feet in, flopped on his front and slid out of bounds – to a few feet from my feet.

Sadly it was a period during which no pictures or video was allowed for media or you’d be looking at it.

But trust me. It was spectacular.

I couldn't catch up to Davis or Jackson.

Mike Vrabel said it was a nice sign that Davis let the bad stuff go.

“I think it just tells you that he has the ability to kind of go on to the next play,” he said. “The thing that I try to tell our football team is that our game is not perfect. I've said that before. But, they put a diagram up there -- and I've done it -- you put a diagram up there and it has 11 guys doing different things.

“Then, when you get out here and snap the ball, sometimes it doesn't go that way and that's OK. But, you have to, at some point in time, rely on your effort and fundamentals and go make a play. If you drop a ball or jump off-sides, you have to go to the next play. You can't worry about it. There's nothing you can do.

apple icon 144x144 precomposed“In that case, we get down there in the red zone and Corey is able to go make a play for us in tight coverage. It's not like Adoree' did anything wrong, a guy just made a play.”

Logan Ryan was part of a solid day by the secondary, with a pick of Mariota where he read a concept and got in front of Taywan Taylor.

He had a good vantage point of Davis' phenomenal catch.

“He didn’t get two feet in,” Ryan said with a smirk. “No, I don’t know. That was a great catch. That’s what Corey is here for and he’s been doing that a lot. …he looks healthy, he looks great. I think he’s playing at a higher level right now and it’s our job to make him the best receiver in the league, it’s our job to make it hard on him.

“He’s going to make some catches in this camp, but they’re not going to be easy ones. That’s what you want as a DB. You want to make them make a one-handed catch if they’re going to catch it and he’s capable of doing that.”

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