Could Titans' readiness to play without practice prompt the NFL to go that direction?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mike Vrabel is all about no excuses. Find out the rules, coach guys up according to them and play.

But as Sunday’s Steelers-Titans gane hangs in the air as the team and the league sort out eight new positive COVID-19 tests following up Shane Bowen’s Saturday entry into the coronavirus protocol, the team’s tone may almost be asking the NFL to keep things on schedule.

Is keeping things on schedule what’s best for the team, words we hear Vrabel utter constantly?


(Photo by Mark Humphrey, AP via pool.)

The Titans are out of their headquarters until Saturday, Dianna Russini reported and I confirmed. [Unlocked]

That means their preparations on Wednesday (base packages) Thursday (third down) and Friday (situational) will be purely in the form of Zoom meetings and not practice.

Garafolo’s tweet sounds exactly like a Vrabel message, and it’s a good message to keep his players ready.

It’s not a great message to Park Ave. in New York where the league may decide imbalanced preparations are OK and the Steelers' full practice week versus the Titans' Saturday walk-through is fine since the Titans seem to be all right with it, an idea first suggested to me by Jonathan Hutton.

We have to wait and see on a lot of this.

But it could be some of the rationale for something like this.

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