Derrick Henry: Titans' offense is built on outside zone

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans run game will be different in the new offense. The question is how different.

Offensive line coach Keith Carter says not too different.

I wrote this offseason about how Derrick Henry might fare in a zone scheme.

Just before camp started, he spoke about the zone scheme that will now feature him.

“I like it a lot, we did that a lot in college so it’s not anything new,” he said. “It’s what this offense is built on, outside zone.”

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I also thought this piece from Bill Ott talking through the scheme was excellent.

As per Carter’s instruction, I took his question to a few of his linemen. How significant is that new 20 percent of what the offensive line will be doing?

“You usually have about every play in every system, it’s just the amount of times you call different plays,” Ben Jones said. “On this staff we have a great offensive coordinator who’s going to put us in the best play. That’s why when we come to practice every day we work on the stuff that we are not as comfortable doing so when he calls those plays in the game we’re able to execute them."

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Jones should be in a position to play better than he did last year if the Titans are putting him on the move more often, and he’ll be running a lot for outside zone plays.

Taylor Lewan read from the same script as Jones.

"I can't really put percentages on it, I was a general studies major in college," he said. "The technique is a lot different. I think there is a lot... of different things. I think when you run any offense, all the plays are always in there. We had all the plays in the last offense, the only difference is we are running more of other plays, we are running more of one play than we were another play."

The media can often overplay symbolism.

But I thought it was telling that the first play from the first-team offense in the first team period of training camp was an outside zone run from Henry.

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