False start: Titans will give Rashaan Evans' mystery injury more treatment, more time

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – While Rashaan Evans did re-emerge to a new degree at Titans’ practice on Wednesday, early reported allowed people to believe he was really back.

And he’s not.EvansIntro1

Evans stretched with the team and did a little work, but it was very little and he was basically pulled out.

“Todd (Toriscelli, the team's director of sports medicine) does a great job with the return-to-play," Mike Vrabel said. "He starts them out with a jog-through, then we go into individual, and if they are feeling OK and doing OK with whatever they are working through, then we give them more. If he doesn't, then Todd pulls them back out of there.

“Rashaan wasn’t feeling great after individual, so we’ll give him some more treatment and will give him some more time. And hopefully, as soon as he’s ready, we’ll get him back out there.”


I didn’t see the false start at practice, and I was not part of Evans’ conversation with a group of reporters where he was predictably vague about his return from an unknown injury.

“I’m doing good right now,” Evans said per Jim Wyatt. “I’m just taking everything slow right now, and whatever the trainers need me to do, that’s what I have been doing basically.

“I really don’t have a target date right now. It really could be at any time. For me, I just have to be as careful as possible. You really want to be out there with the guys, and be able to participate, but not only that, get better at yourself. I have been doing everything I can possibly do, and each and every day I am getting better."

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