Greetings and welcome to PaulKuharsky.com

Virtually every site seeks to maximize clicks. I’d like a lot of those, sure. But that’s not going to be the primary goal here.

Instead, it will be to super-serve a small and specific club: People who like me and or my work. People who want Titans' insight from someone who’s been around the team since before it moved to Tennessee, from someone who knows the key people from the present and past, from someone who’s well-respected by colleagues around the country, from someone who will ask the tough questions, unafraid of consequences. Readers who want to hear from someone who’s got a Pro Football Hall of Fame vote. From someone who can give you a combination of reporting, fast-reaction, quality features and strong insider opinion into the Titans, the NFL and more.


Yes, I’m asking you to contribute to the cause. Some of you will stop reading right there, and I understand.IMG 0496

For those who continue — if you’ve come to dislike ESPN and The Tennessean, guess what? Getting stuff that is better than them simply can’t come for free. I could spend my time pursuing advertisers and trying to start a more traditional site, but that would take up time I’d rather spend thinking of and producing content you’ll like.

When he was making the giant move to the unknown of satellite radio, I remember seeing Howard Stern on Late Night with Letterman. The host asked Stern why people would pay for radio in 2006 when they were used to getting it for free. Stern said people once thought paying for a bottle of water was ridiculous, but no one gave a second thought to buying one any more. They pronounced Stern the bottled water of radio.

I’m not pretending to have Stern’s talent or content. But I am seeking to be bottled water for people who have liked what I’ve brought to the table in 22 years covering the NFL and want more of it.

We start off with a couple weeks for free. Read. Enjoy. Offer feedback. Ask questions.

Stay tuned for subscription details and be prepared to be among the first to jump on board.

You’re a big fan. You need to see a training camp practice. You need your favorite player’s jersey. You need a key player’s autograph. You need a Titan on your fantasy team. You need to hear what we are saying on The Midday 180 on 104.5 The Zone.

The list is growing by one: You need to be a subscriber to PaulKuharsky.com.

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