If Titans' Ryan Tannehill Is Out, Both Young QBs Will Play -- But It's Got To Be Mostly Will Levis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- If Ryan Tannehill can't go Sunday, Mike Vrabel said he'd anticipate both young Titans' quarterbacks will play against the Falcons on Sunday.

When you have two you don't have one.

Will Levis
  Will Levis/ Angie Flatt

But surely this can't be an every-other-series sort of scenario.

The best that can come of it is Levis being the primary guy with packages for Willis to enter the game as a change-up with options to run the ball, which is where he is most dangerous. [Unlocked] 


That keeps Arthur Smith and his staff working to get ready for quarterbacks with vastly different skill sets.

But the fact that Levis is in the loop is telling. 

Willis has been the No. 2 all season and he played in London against the Ravens after Tannehill went down. He took four sacks and was under pressure far too quickly a couple of times, but also failed to show good game feel yet again with a failure to stop the clock on this late play. 

He's got to understand that first-down play is over and maximize the time the Titans have left, but instead played hero ball and tried to make something more happen when it was highly unlikely.

With Levis part of a non-Tannehill scenario, it would make little sense for him to be the bit player. 

And any sort of real work split would smack of collegiate indecisiveness that would work against giving either player an opportunity to establish a rhythm and a real chance at success.

The Kevin Byard trade showed the Titans are starting to think about the future while they'll still do what they can to have success in the present.

The former GM saw value in Willis falling to the 86th pick in the third round in 2022 and made a move to get him, seeing an intriguing prospect who was too good to pass up there.

But the new GM moved up to the first pick in the second round of the 2023 draft to get Levis because he fits what the Titans want in a quarterback.

That's the guy the Titans need to play most moving forward.

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