Join a Tuesday broadcast with Jon Robinson, help out Safe Haven Family Shelter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For at least a year, I’ve tried to get Jon Robinson to join the available members of my All 22 group for libations and food for an off-the-record get-togetherRobinsonPhoenix.

He laughed and gave me a hard time at the request as I expected. I tried to lure him by saying my guys (we haven’t had a female member yet) would make donations in his name to the charity I know is near and dear to his family, JDRF.

That didn’t work.

But about a month ago I caught him in a tremendous mood and he proposed we do it as a fundraiser keyed around a Pedal Tavern ride, not for his charity, but for something that is important to me.

Alas, the pandemic did away with the excellent Pedal Taven idea.

But Tuesday, Robinson will join me for a Periscope/ Facebook Live broadcast prior to a small, spaced patio gathering of available members of the All-22 that will also be Zoomed to members unable to attend.

We are asking that you make whatever donation you can to Safe Haven, a Nashville charity that works to keep homeless families together while they find their bearings.

They’ve sent up a direct link for us and you can go directly to them here – where you can see more about what Safe Haven does and make a donation. No amount is too small!  


SafeHaven Part of the broadcast will be public, part will be for members only.

Huge thanks in advance for Robinson for the charitable element idea – it turns out he and his wife, Jaimie, have worked with Safe Haven. I know these are tough times but I also know many of us are still in a fortunate position where we can help a good cause.

And I thank you too.

I’m excited for Tuesday evening and hope it's the start of an annual tradition.

Broadcast starts at 7 p.m. CT. Stay tuned to my Twitter and Facebook for links.

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