Jon Robinson latest top Titan to have long, casual conversation with us

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A conversation over a beer or cocktail tends to be looser and less formal.RobinsonPickers

As Jonathan Hutton pointed out on The Midday 180, this site has afforded me the chance to have such chats over the last 10 months with Amy Adams Strunk (off the record), Mike Vrabel (on a podcast over Yazoos) and Jon Robinson (on a Periscope/Facebook Live with a couple Pickers cocktails on Monday night).

It's not a claim to fame. But it does serve to illustrate a big element of what I strive to give you here: Stuff you can't get anywhere else, and significant conversations with important Titans people in an informal setting where we can get to know them better. [Unlocked]

Here are a few snippets of the Robinson conversation, which members can find on Periscope (non-members who are not in the private group will get an error message) and Facebook Live (it's a closed group).

And here is the recent Vrabel podcast.

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