Mike Mularkey says Titans are confident, can fix things; I'm not so sure

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Mike Mularkey insisted the Titans' confidence is high heading into the three games that will determine if they get a post-season berth.

It’s a good week to be away from Nashville, where the confidence is, understandably, much lower.

apple icon 114x114 precomposed“It’s the same team that won six out of seven prior to (Sunday),” Mularkey said in a conference call. “I’m pretty confident and I think our team is, in what we are doing. We know we can fix some things and clean up some things and knowing that if we don’t in all three phases we still have a chance to win every week, which we did yesterday all the way until the last drive.”

That’s too much satisfaction about having a chance to win and not enough disgust at a failure to win for me.

The Titans offense gets an F for its 7-point effort in the loss to the Cardinals.

Mularkey emphasized what he always does – the need for better execution.

“It’s very fixable,” Mularkey said. “There are things in life that aren’t. This is one that is. We’ve got a good group, a veteran staff that has been in a lot of meetings, a lot of rooms and a lot of games, been with a lot of players.

“These guys trust what we’re going to do, we’re looking at it all over how e can get better. Everybody is, it’s being addressed.”

Maybe we see some tinkering that we can recognize as different against the 49ers.

I’d bet against it.

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