Mike Munchak Would Consider Coaching The Titans' Offensive Line Again

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Zach Piller said recently on The Zone in Nashville that Mike Munchak is willing to return to the Titans as their offensive line coach and I can add more details.

I learned this in early December when Mike Vrabel was still head coach. Munchak, who lives in the Denver area and hasn’t worked since a three-year term with the Broncos that concluded in 2021, said if Vrabel had an opening he would be interested in that. He'd also consider a handful of other select openings around the league based on head coaches and geography.

Mike Munchak
  Mike Munchak/ Courtesy Denver Broncos

Munchak played 12 years as a guard for the Houston Oilers and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

He started coaching with the Oilers in 1994 and took over the offensive line in 1997, putting together an incredible run through 2010 where he helped the Titans find high-level starters like Benji Olson and Michael Roos and got quality contributions out of less talented players like Kevin Long and Eugene Amato.

Bud Adams tabbed him to succeed Jeff Fisher as the Titans head coach in 2011 and he only lasted three seasons, posting a 22-26 record.

After that, he coached the Steelers offensive line from 2014-2018 before heading west and joining Vic Fangio’s Denver staff.

His two daughters and his grandchildren live in Denver or Southern California.

He took himself out of the job market for at least a year to have knee replacement surgery but is now Kuharsky megaphoneready for the right situation. That would entail getting to know a new boss and gaining a full understanding of what the offensive line plan will be.

Munchak would not feel any awkwardness about returning to the Titans after having been fired as their head coach, as that move was made by Tommy Smith, who is no longer connected to ownership. His sister-in-law, Bud Adams’ daughter, Amy Adams Strunk now runs the team.

Any new coach of the Titans would be wise to reach out to Munchak quickly after he's hired. Strunk should encourage it.

The offensive line has been a monster issue for the Titans the last two seasons and bringing back one of the best position coaches in team history to help replenish the group and provide top-class teaching would be a huge win.

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