Mike Vrabel likes OSU's Ryan Day, maybe Detroit's Brian Callahan as OC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The first nuggets about who Mike Vrabel could hire to run his offense are out, and it’s right along the lines we’re been talking about.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports Ryan Day, Ohio State’s co-offensive coordinator, is considering the job.

I’ve heard Vrabel also likes Detroit quarterback coach Brian Callahan, but that he is unlikely to be let go by the Lions, who are expected to keep much of their offensive staff in place when Matt Patricia takes over.

Day, 38, coached quarterbacks for Chip Kelly in both Philadelphia and San Francisco but his relationship with Marcus Mariota’s former first coach at Oregon goes deeper than that.

Day was a three-year starter at quarterback for New Hampshire when Kelly was offensive coordinator and then head coach for the school.

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He’s coached at New Hampshire Boston College, Florida and Temple.

He would certainly bring some major spread offense elements to the Titans and Mariota.

Callahan, 33, played quarterback at UCLA where he also had his first coaching job, He’s since worked for the Broncos and he joined the Lions in 2016.

These are the type of new, but unproven, coordinator candidates we've talked about that could bring some fresh ideas. I like that route over a retread. But as with the inexperienced new head coach, there will be a lot to prove. Until one of these guys shows he is ready, such hires are exciting but also rife with risk.

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