On day off for Marcus Mariota, Ryan Tannehill looked good at 2:00 drill

TannehillNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Ryan Tannehill ran the first-team offense Monday for the Titans and looked crisp executing 2:00 offense that was new to him. Marcus Mariota had the day off, watching in uniform as his backup ran stuff that had a lot of carryover from last year that he already knows.

Whether the practice time is any sort of indicator about playing time Thursday night in the preseason opener in Philadelphia remains to be seen, but it doesn’t seem like it will be. 

With some second-string linemen and tight ends still humming “Bang a Gong” from the soundtrack that played earlier, Tannehill threw one of his better passes to Tajae Sharpe against Malcolm Butler crossing from the middle to the left side and he went out of bounds.

Sharpe needed a rest after that, but it was time for the field goal unit anyway, and the play had stopped the clock and set up a successful 48-yard field goal.

The second run of that early 2:00 period, which actually started with 1:25 on the clock, ended when Dane Cruikshank tipped Logan Woodside’s pass up the middle that Adoree’ Jackson intercepted.

Another Tannehill highlight was a pass with perfect touch that landed in Darius Jennings’ arms between Jackson and Kevin Byard on third-and-5.

appleMegaphone“It was important for us to get these situations in and I know you guys love these situation practices,” Mike Vrabel said. “It’s important to us because we won games using the situation and you try to take advantage of the different things that come up. And they may come up once a year and they may come up three or four times a year, but if it helps us win one game it well worth doing it.

“I thought (Tannehill) had good command of the 2:00 and that was something he hadn’t had going it, it was a new install to be able to work that operation… and hopefully, we can see those in the game on Thursday.”

In addition to the rest for Mariota, Vrabel emphasized he was especially comfortable with his top quarterback's handle on the material the team was covering.

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