PK TV: Ravens 24, Titans 16

LONDON -- What a monstrous disappointment. 

Not everyone in the States gets up or figures out how to tune into the International Series games, but such games are still in a featured window by themselves. And the Titans played another dud at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, flubbing their way to a 24-16 loss to the Ravens while losing Ryan Tannehill to another right ankle injury.

PK TVThat injury was big for discussion because it may present the Titans with their quarterback crossroad.

So was Jeffery Simmons indicating he doesn't think everyone is all in.

And Mike Vrabel answering my question about whether something may not be correctable with a response that started with, "Probably, maybe, we'll see." That's majorly noteworthy, I believe. 

There were a lot of moments you'd wanted to hash out and a lot of long-range issues you wanted to sort through after getting up and taking in an early game involving your team for the first time since 2018. So I bundling up and heading back to the outdoor press box to make it happen. 

So please rewatch the excellent chat with me about all of this at the private Facebook page or on YouTube which you can find below.

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