Podcast: Defending Titans QB Ryan Tannehill

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Ryan Tannehill is not an elite quarterback, which means he has deficiencies. But his demonization by many Titans fans has been too extreme.

The Paul Kuharsky PodcastSo I lead this week's podcast with a rundown of some stuff from his 12 games last year that was actually encouraging considering the line he worked behind, the targets he threw to and the coordinator who called his plays.

The Titans will hardly be doomed because Tannehill is their QB if he's their QB, at least until the playoffs if they make the playoffs.

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Subjects I dive into:

💥 The reasons we're over-discounting Tannehill and the prospects for a bounce-back.
💥 Why Will Levis is a risky prospect and the scary comps analysts are placing on him.
💥 Jeffery Simmons' mindset after his new deal.

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