Ran Carthon's Inability to Share Titans' Vision A Real Issue

Ran CarthonNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans have a clear vision for the future.

They just can't share it.

Ran Carthon twisted himself up on the most fundamental, basic, predictable question during a 30-minute-plus press conference Tuesday afternoon after Amy Adams Strunk fired Mike Vrabel early in the day.

How hard is it to at least use a boilerplate placeholder like, I don't know, "Win a Super Bowl?"

Instead, an anxious audience of fans who seem to have turned to be in favor of retaining Vrabel are left with no vision or direction for the GM who also declined to talk about the qualities the team seeks in Vrabel's replacement. 

Carthon pointed out he doesn't own the team, which was an important point and one that bought him a little leeway.

Strunk, of course, should have been the one to talk. This was silly, just as it was silly to have Vrabel talk when Jon Robinson, his boss, was fired in early December of 2022.

She did a short, insufficient, video with Mike Keith and sent Carthon, who'd been invisible to the media all season, out to answer for it.

He said he and Vrabel were in lockstep, he praised player development under the sixth-year coach, he spoke of the difficulties presented by injuries and he said he had no input on the firing.

All of which made him very much the wrong person to explain why Vrabel was fired. Asked several times in several different ways he basically said, "She did it."

She said in the video: "We made changes last year and I came to believe we needed to make a change to the coaching staff."

The easiest thing to explain should be what the Titans are looking to do and be from here. But they failed at that, as Vrabel and members of his staff failed this season to define a team identity beyond it's high effort.

"We have the vision defined," Carthon said. "I've been on the phone ever since the decision was made. There has obviously been a lot going on and it's been hectic. The vision is defined. There will be a time for us to roll that out."

I pressed about not being able to share it.

"It's not the time, it's not the time to share that vision today. Because I think as we go through this process, we need to make sure that we have the right person aligned with that and why we hired that person will fit that vision."

Got that? Me neither.

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