Three Titans I Think Could Make A Jump

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Three Titans I feel could play better in 2024...

Tyjae Spears

Tyjae Spears
  Tyjae Spears/ Angie Flatt

In 100 rushing attempts as a rookie behind Derrick Henry, Tyjae Spears went 10 yards or more 13 times. Derrick Henry went for 10 yards or more on 8 percent of his carries by comparison, so Spear’s 13 percent was an intriguing rate. He also averaged 7.4 yards a catch on 52 catches. This offense is certainly going to be designed with more advantageous reception opportunities for Spears and Tony Pollard. There is a mystery to the Titans backfield post-Henry, but Spears can potentially bring some real juice.

Amani Hooker

He’s missed 16 games in the last three years with various injuries. That’s the big concern. When he’s been out there, he’s been a solid player. The Titans' safeties have been overstretched a lot by underwhelming corners. Hooker may benefit from the additions of L’Jarius Sneed and Chidobe Awuzie as the starting outside corners. Justin Simmons or Quandre Diggs joining the team as the other starting safety, allowing Elijah Molden to become a situational guy, would also be a big help. If Hooker can play close to 14 games, I can see him being a bigger playmaker.

Josh Whyle

This is more of a guess. There are going to be fewer tight-end snaps for the Titans this year. Last year the Titans played the fifth-most 12 personnel in the NFL, 27.1 percent per sumersports and the Brian Callahan’s old team, the Bengals, played that personnel just 11.3 percent. Meanwhile, the Bengals played 74.2 percent (third-most) in 11 while Tennessee was 26th at 55.1. On early downs, if there is one tight end on the field, Mike Herndon has speculated it could be Whyle (at 6-foot-7) who would bring the Titans a size element that could be necessary to help them run the ball out of the base personnel. There were some hints of this in spring work.

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