Titans' 2018 finish looks favorable, but so did 2017's

TicketsBar2NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans 2018 regular season schedule seems to be reasonably balanced and fair.

Tennessee didn’t break through to an appearance on Sunday Night Football, but will play twice on the road on Monday Night Football (Nov. 5 at Dallas and Nov. 16 at Houston) and once at home on Thursday Night Football (against Jacksonville on Dec. 6).Schedule2018

That game at the Cowboys extends the Titans’ bye as their first game after their Oct. 21 matchup in London against the Chargers.

It’s impossible to effectively judge what will turn out to be good and what will turn out to be bad.

On this night a year ago I am certain I said a final quarter of the 2017 season at Arizona, at San Francisco, against the Rams and against the Jaguars looked to be an excellent home stretch.

The Titans went 1-3 in those games.

But if you twist my arm, I will say based on what we know right now, the finish looks good again: Jets at home, Jaguars at home, at the Giants, Washington at home and the Colts at home.

Maybe that batch is tougher than we’d expect right now, but four of five in Nashville at the end is good news.

I have a major pet peeve about division rematches scheduled in close proximity to one another. The league did good work with the Titans on that.

apple icon 114x114 precomposedThey have 11 weeks between Jaguars’ games, 10 weeks between Texans’ games and six weeks between Colts games.

The Titans have five opponents featuring three quarterbacks who will be returning from injuries. I thought it'd be best to get chances against those guys early. And the Titans will see Houston's Deshaun Watson in their home opener Week 2 and Carson Wentz, if he's back, with the Eagles for a Week 4 visit from the defending Super Bowl champions.  

Weather could be a factor a few times. In a post about ideal scheduling, I said the Florida games would come in the second half.

Alas, they don't.

The Titans open in Miami on Sept. 9 and play their second road game in Jacksonville on Sept. 23. They’ll get a feel very quickly about Sunday noon heat on their new navy helmets.

The trip to Buffalo is inearlyy October, but the Titans will get their cold-weather chance on Dec. 16 at MetLife Stadium against the Giants.

For meaningless game-by-game predictions about a team that has not yet drafted and whose coach hasn’t worn the lead headset for one game, tune over to ESPN.com.

We’ll have a members’ Periscope/Facebook Live shortly, and I’ll record a podcast later Thursday.


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