Titans' Brian Callahan on Right Tackle, Inside Linebacker, Safety and Edge

ORLANDO – Brian Callahan is pleased with the Titans’ free-agency haul that has brought them nine new players – including front liners Calvin Ridley, Lloyd Cushenberry and, via trade, L’Jarius Sneed -- and brought back five others.

But at the NFL’s annual meeting Monday morning he also spoke about holes still left to fill on a roster he inherited missing a lot.

He discussed right tackle, inside linebacker, safety and edge as spots where the Titans still need more.

Right tackle: Last season the Titans started out with Chris Hubbard at right tackle, where they wound up with a start from Nicholas Petit-Frere and seven from Dillon Radunz after Hubbard suffered a serious biceps injury.

I asked Callahan if the team’s right tackle is on the roster at this point.

"There are some guys who I think played well for us that are young and need development, is probably the best way to put it,” he said. “Between JD (Jaelyn Duncan) and NPF, those guys have some skills, they need some development, they’re going to compete. We might end up adding a tackle in the draft, we might up adding another tackle later.

"There are a lot of different ways. I would say there are still veteran options available at some point. But I do like what those guys have shown. I think they are young and talented. They need some development on top of it. They’ll have a chance to compete.

BryMakCallahan did not mention Radunz there.

“I see Radunz starting off as a guard,” he said. “Not that he can’t play anywhere else but we wanted to give him a place to start out and his best chance to help us is going to be starting out inside. If we need to bump him out we will. He’s done both, hes got flex which I think is important but I see him starting out inside.

Inside linebacker: The Titans signed Kenneth Murray in free agency. But there other two inside options have holes. Otis Reese is raw and small and Jack Gibbens is smart but can be overmatched.

“We’ve got some guys on the roster that have played there,” Callahan said. “There are still chances to add guys as well, particularly in the draft. It’s not solidified yet.

“The acquisition period for us isn't over. It’s certainly a position where we’re still looking to keep adding to that group. We need numbers there as it is, need players there. It’s on the forefront.”

Safety: The Titans reportedly courted Justin Simmons and had Marcus Maye in for a visit. But there is no clear starter opposite Amani Hooker, with Elijah Molden as the guy at this stage.

“I think Molden has played well, he’s got some flex too, he’s played nickel, he’s played some safety,” Callahan said. “There is definitely room to add there as well. Add for competition, add for depth. Rarely do you see all your safeties, with the way the position is played, make it through the year. So you’re going to try to keep adding players there. 

“There have been guys we’ve explored. Those doors aren’t closed yet. There are still possibilities to add there as we move forward.” 

Callahan said a market shift is part of it. The Titans added a lot of good players and spent quite a bit of money.

“Now you’ve got to be a little bit more mindful about how and where you add and what it costs,” he said.

Kuharsky megaphonePass rushers: How does he view the Titans on the edge rushing the passer right now?

“I think good, I think with Harold (Landry) we’ve got a guy with proven ability to rush,” Callahan said. “I think Arden (Key) is a proven situational rusher. I think he played really well last year. I think we still need more. You can never have enough pass rushers, I think we’ve got guys who have proven themselves with the ability to do it.

“You’d like to have three of them. You’d like to have four of them. I think we do have some guys that can rush the passer and we’ll keep trying to add guys to the position.” 

I'd take note he didn't mention Rashad Weaver or Caleb Murphy by name.

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