Titans Can’t Afford To Worry About Idea Of 'Ruining' Will Levis

By MIKE HERNDON, columnist

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the 2023 Tennessee Titans have a major offensive line issue on their hands. Jake Downard gave a great detailed breakdown of some numbers that illustrate just how acute that issue is for Tim Kelly’s offense here at PK.com earlier this week, but here are a few more.

Will Levis
Will Levis/ Angie Flatt

Out of 36 quarterbacks with at least 100 dropbacks this season, Will Levis has been under siege the second most often, seeing pressure on a whopping 46.6 percent of his dropbacks. Only Justin Fields’ 49.5 percent rate is higher per PFF charting.

However, that number becomes even more damning when you consider the fact that Levis is currently the sixth quickest passer out of that group when it comes to average time to throw at 3.05 seconds per dropback. Fields, by contrast, is the seventh slowest, taking 3.87 seconds in the pocket on average. Levis is the only one above a 40 percent pressure rate among the ten fastest quarterbacks from snap to throw. The next closest is teammate Ryan Tannehill, who was pressured on 38.6 percent of his dropbacks.

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