Titans going for it with Julio Jones; still sorting out financial element

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Titans acknowledges what was obvious: Their offense was lacking after the free-agent departures of Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith.

After an initial report from Dianna Russini that Julio Jones was in fact on the way to the Titans the team confirmed a deal is in place: Pending a physical the Titans 2022 second-round pick and their 2023 fourth to Atlanta for Jones and Atlanta’s 2023 sixth-rounder.

The Titans and Jones are talking through potential contract alterations and Tennessee is trying to figure out the cap element. Per Spotrac the franchise needs to free up over $9 million.


They could take Jones' scheduled $15.3 million base salary -- the second-highest cap high on the team for the this year -- convert all but the veteran minimum of $1.05 million to bonus, spread that $14.47 over the three years of his contract and reduce his cap number for 2021 to $5.873 million which would put them in the clear.

In doing so, they'd raise his 2022 and 2023 cap numbers from his scheduled base salaries of $11.513 million to $16.336 million. (Right now only $2 million of his 2023 base salary is guaranteed.)

If the Titans are taking on his scheduled $15.3 million cap dollars in 2021, they will have to find another way to make room for that before the transaction becomes official in the next few days, provided he passes his physical.

The simplest method for that would be a restructure of Ryan Tannehill’s deal, which would convert most of his scheduled $24.5 million base salary into signing bonus. That would then spread out the accounting of that money over the three remaining years of his contract, saving the team over $15.6 million against the cap this year.

That would add $7.8 million to the cap in 2022 and 2023.

Robinson said in a Sunday afternoon press session that the restructures and methods for fitting Jones into the Titans' financially will remain internal.

However they make him fit, they are making him fit. And this is a giant go-for-it move for Jon Robinson that says the Titans are acknowledging they are in a window where a Super Bowl win is a possibility.

Play up to slow Derrick Henry and the Titans are more equipped than ever to burn you with A.J. Brown and Jones, and have fun deciding how you are going to deploy your defensive backs covering them.

Josh Reynolds now falls in line as the No. 3, a spot for which he is more suited. Fourth-rounder Dez Fitzpatrick and second-year undrafted Nick Westbrook-Ikine are in line for rotational snaps as fourth and fifth options and injury replacements while Cam Batson can be a gadget option for a few snaps a game.

apple icon 144x144 precomposedThings are in much better order as the Titans add an all-time great who’s put together one of the most productive stretches in league history.

The defense has to be better, but not as much better as it needed to be before the Titans found a way to sustain – or likely surpass – what they did offensively last season when they averaged over 30 points a game and ranked second in the NFL in yards.

Jones is a huge acquisition and story.

New offensive coordinator Todd Downing said last week he was happy with the group of receivers he had. He can say it and mean it now.

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