Titans introducing variable ticket pricing for 2019

The Titans are moving to a variable pricing structure for their tickets in 2019, moving in line with the vast majority of the NFL.

Season ticket-holders are being alerted to the change in an email Thursday morning. Preseason ticket prices will come way down. Six regular season games will have a baseline price. And home games against the Chiefs and Saints will have a premium price.SeasonTicketMemberCardTitans

Some upper deck seat season totals will stay flat or even come down. But other areas in higher demand, like sideline lowers will increase as much as 10 to 14 percent. [Unlocked]

The Titans season-ticket base accounted for roughly 55,000 of 69,143-seat Nissan Stadium last season.

Single-game tickets won’t be sorted out until the schedule comes out in the spring, but are generally 20 percent more expensive.

Five or fewer teams in the league still stick with flat pricing where tickets to every game have the same cost. The trend in all sports for some time has been variable pricing with the more attractive games having higher prices.

Titans prices will remain in the bottom five in the NFL. I’m told it remains very important to Amy Adams Strunk that the franchise has some of the most affordably priced tickets in the league.

It seems to me the variable pricing is the way of the world.

The visiting team is a big part of the attraction and it makes sense that it costs more to see Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees and teams that were in the conference championships than teams that drafted high. I'm not sure exactly how it affects the resale market or how it will or won't work to keep fans of the opposing team out of the building or out of its best seats and I'd welcome a conversation about those issues.

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