Titans' Kristian Fulton Thinks He's Got Soft Tissue Issues Figured Out

Kristian FultonNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Kristian Fulton stuck with his new trainers in Florida for the first week of OTAs before showing up, and was inside for everything after he arrived at Titans' headquarters.

He stretched on the field with the team Wednesday and that was the first time we saw him, and he spoke after the rest of the team was finished practicing saying he was not hurt, just that the decision was that he do his work inside.

“The season I had last year, I had analyzed it, assessed it and me and my team and some of the coaching staff here, we talked about what would be best for me to stay on the field and we made some changes and we’ve all been on the same page about that,” he said. “I feel confident about the plan that I had put in place before the offseason even started for me. The coaches feel confident about what I have done.”

He said he’s concentrated on different movements specific to his body and that had trainer back in Miami has helped him understand those things and he feels as if that will help his body perform better. Pilates and yoga have been elements of that work with David Alexander of DBC Fitness, a trainer who’s worked with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.

One of the biggest lessons he’s learned is that the league is not like college was at LSU. That he’s got to have more structure, more of a plan for himself they way one was crafted for him in college – the right people working on his body, the right food. It takes people a while to figure out the right routine, he said, and he feels like he’s now got that.

Fulton seemed to understand Vrabel’s message about him being a repeat offender with regard to soft tissue injuries.

Vrabel rates these five weeks away as five of the most important weeks of the year.

Fulton sounds confident he's got things figured out after missing 20 of 50 games in his first three years, including seven last season. This is the final year of his rookie deal and will mean a lot about his second contract, here or elsewhere.

The Titans didn't even make an attempt to keep the other guy Vrabel mentioned as a repeat offender, David Long, when he hit free agency, and he got a below-market deal in Miami. 

"I feel like I’ve been able to perform when I’m on the field, so obviously just the main thing is staying on the field,” he said. “Just building each week, building that confidence and putting it out there why I feel like I am one of the top guys.”

HGe pledged he’ll be full go for training camp when the team reports on July 25.

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