Vic Beasley finally reports, starts COVID-19 testing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – AWOL is over.

Vic Beasley reported to the Titans Friday morning for COVID-19 testing, ending a bizarre, unexplained, unexcused 10-day absence.


He now needs to test negative three times in four days in order to enter the Titans facility, after which he will go through the same acclimatization process each group has gone through as they entered.

Once he joins the team, it will be five days before he’ll be caught up and able to join the rest of the team in what it is doing -- if Mike Vrabel wants to add him to that mix.

Vrabel will soon face the challenge of how to bring Beasley into a team where a culture’s been built for two years centered around guys who love football and where he’s talked of treating guys like they treat the team.

In time, it’ll be about how Beasley produces.

But at the start, it will be natural for teammates to consider how much a guy who stayed away for 10 days without explanation loves football and how Vrabel and Shane Bowen will treat him given his long absence.

I think Beasley is going to have a real hard time, and he's got himself to blame.

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