Video: A closer look at Marcus Mariota's grip

IMG 1106 1NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Warren Moon recently shared details on how crucial a fingernail was to his grip and throwing motion.

That led me to ask Marcus Mariota about how he holds the ball.

His hands measure 9 7/8 at the combine. Teams are generally happy with anything over 9 1/2.

During a great chat with The Midday 180, Mariota discussed his lack of desire to be on social media and his determination to keep his private life private, his close friendship with Titans center Ben Jones, his mentoring of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the time he chose to run for punishment as opposed to yelling at a teammates at a high school practice, studying Aaron Rogers and waking up early in Hawaii to surf as part of Dawn Patrol.

After we wrapped up, he showed me his grip.

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