What Ryan Tannehill's agent switch means to the Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Multiple reports say Ryan Tannehill has dropped agent Patrick Dye in favor of Brian Aryault and Todd France.

The two work with Jimmy Sexton at CAA, who represents the Titans’ biggest free agent, Derrick Henry.


So now, rather than Jon Robinson and his contract/ cap guy Vin Marino, dealing with two different parties in negotiations not known to the other, they are dealing with one agency regarding two people. [Unlocked]

CAA has a great deal of control in what unfolds now.

“Not ideal to have two high-priced players with the same agency,” our resident scout, Blake Beddingfield, said. “Especially since one negotiation could affect the other -- one getting a long term and another getting tagged. Then, is a holdout possible? It’s a lot of leverage for the agency and players.”

Said an NFL source: “It’s got to be strategic in some way.”

The Titans certainly had a level of comfort with Dye on Tannehill.

PK.comLogo badge vintage HiRes 1Dye told John Glennon of The Athletic in late Nov. 2019: “...At the time (of the trade from Miami), I said, ‘Jon, you know me, and I think that you trust me. If (Tannehill) comes in here and does what I think he could do, you’ll have every chance to keep him. I said, ‘You’ve got to be competitive, and you’ve got to be fair and reasonable.’ But (Tannehill) is not a guy who’s going to come in here, light it up and then look for the next great thing. They love Nashville, they love the team and they love the organization. It’s been fun for them.”

My initial thinking was that his new representation may not feel the same.

But then this Buffalo News article came to light, thanks to Mike Herndon.

Ayrault has another significant client connected to this whole process, a guy who trusts him in a big way: Jon Robinson.

CAA also represents three other key quarterbacks who are on a path to free agency: Drew Brees, Dak Prescott and Philip Rivers.

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